It's been bad days recently.
It seems like i can't get any comfort from anyone else but food.
Cus it cost so many time to let me opens my heart and let my talk.
Maybe it's a self-protected motion while i don't know either.
I dont have a job, and i'm not graduated.

The final thing to do is pass the word license, but i can't find the software anywhere.
Too shy to ask somebody something.

I sit at the computer EVD,looking for Word2003.
And My Mon shouts "though U can get any food by watching movie!"
I though she used to teach me "Money isn't every thing."
Now I'm so so comfused.
She tries everyway to get me a job,but she dosen't realiaed that I don't wanna have a job ,
I just want to finish my study.
Now she's my biggest pressure in my life.
Even We had so many times conversation.

And I feel like alone. And I want to be alone.


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