Real nigga tells..

im looking for that special girl
all ya single ladies that look out for me
im the hottest single nigger to step on the scene
got the east side rockin
got the mid west talkin
got the dirty south bouncin
got the west crib talkin

the type a nigger that you wanna roll with baby
dont get it twisted thinkin im a sugar daddy
u can look like Halle with an ass like Jlo
n a smile like Janet but thats not enough

*u may think that im tripping take a minute n just listen
it aint all about sex cus i can always get that
im a million dollar nigger need a million dollar woman
met this chick named Yvett n this what she said
(i won't settle 4 less n Beverley said)

i can give u everything u need
i can be u freak even cook n clean
if thats all u got then u cannot get it
cuz i got a chef who can cook all my dinners
im looking for that nigger who aint cheap
take me shoppin every week
i play this game for ceebs

if thats how u get down its a rap n ur finnished
there aint no use in me gettin ur digits
im looking for that special girl

ur lookin 4 me
im waitin on u
come give it to me
i'm waitin on u
bring ur lovin2 me
i got what u need
im lookin 4 that special man

check it out now
so i found out that Yvett cant give me what i need
so i Hook Up wit this Nigga we call her beverley
had a Trunk side Body drove a chrome 600
with them Big wheels Gunnin
girl these men was on it

type of chick that drop a platinum card 4 me
just 2 show this nigger that her pockets deep
n the Sex was Blazin n her Brain was Crazy(i know u like it)
lingerie type men stil thats not enough

i just gotta have u close 2 me
ill watch u while u sleep
u will never leave boy
but thats somethin i just cant do it
girl i cant be with u every minute
i got plenty niggers who be sweating me
n i been sweatin u
so whats a girl to do
dont try 2 deny ur mental theres a sickness
baby im out its a rap n ur finnished

im lookin 4 that special man
ur lookin 4 me
im waiting on u
to bring ur lovin 2 me
come give it 2 me im waitin on u
bring ur lovin 2 me
i got what u need

im searching
im lookin
n it feels like a lifetime searchin 4 that someone
is anybody out there
im lookin 4 the one who cares

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